Paulson Watches

One of the World's

Toughest, Lightest, Slimmest Dive Watches.


"As a golfer, playing with a watch can sometimes be uncomfortable due to their size and weight.  But the sleek and lightweight design of the Paulson Pearl Diver doesn't interfere with my playing at all.

I love the classic look and multiple straps; it’s practical when playing outside, whilst also looking great with evening attire."

Grant Smith - PGA Professional


"I really love this watch.  I would sum it up as 'simple sophistication'.  It's a watch I can effortlessly wear to the gym in the morning and also have it stand out if I am wearing a suit for work. "

Chijioke Okpala - Crossfit Enthusiast

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"This lightweight watch is comfortable to wear during sport activity or any other time of the day.  The combination between the modern and classic design also makes it a great timepiece for watch enthusiasts.”

Olivier Fabre - Tennis Professional

PW - Tennis FA.jpg

 ”The watch is stylish yet subtle.  Rather than being a hindrance, its light weight and comfortable strap makes it a helpful and discreet aid to my sporting performance."

Massimo Ampofo - Teacher & Football Coach

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